Theingredientsmake the difference

BELCANDO® Wet dog food

Best quality from fresh meat

Do you prefer to feed your dog wet dog food - or does your dog favour it? BELCANDO® offers you three ranges of high-quality wet dog food in cans or pouches: BELCANDO® canned food (400 or 800 grams content) is ideally suited for use in combination with our dry dog food. The Finest Selection Fresh Pack  is available in 125 and 300g portions, they even taste good to sensitive and fastidious dogs. Single Protein cans contain pure canned meat without any additional ingredients, ideal for organically fed dogs or dogs with elimination diets.

BELCANDO® canned food

The high-quality moist food for your dog. Available in six selected varieties, which naturally we source from reliable German farmers. We do not use reformed meat, but only whole pieces which are carefully cooked. Each variety is enhanced with selected ingredients and enriched with valuable thistle oil.

Finest Selection pouches

Excellent formulations in practical individual portions. Juicy meat enhanced with refined ingredients is gently cooked in individual portions. Cold-pressed thistle oil supplies essential polyunsaturated fatty acids. Extraordinarily tasty and digestible, BELCANDO® FINEST SELECTION is ideal for sensitive or finicky dogs. Available in 125 and 300 g individual portions.

Single Protein cans

SINGLE PROTEIN tins can also be used in combination with the food supplement BELCANDO® MIX IT for diagnosis (elimination diet) and sustained feeding for food intolerances. Also ideal as a source of protein in elimination diets. Single Protein can be used for long term feeding for food intolerances - again in combination with MIX IT. Available in 200 and 400 gram tins.