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Have you always wanted to do the best for your dog and provide a varied diet? But were you worried that your dog might not tolerate the change because of different nutrient contents? With BELCANDO® MASTERCRAFT that is no longer a problem. This is because all the varieties are carefully aligned to each other so that you can switch at any time.

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A full meaty taste every day. Whether your dog prefers beef or maybe fish. Our five varieties ensure that you will find something that your dog really likes. Just one variety: Ideal for dogs that suffer from allergies or are sensitive.

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Is your dog a real gourmet, appreciating the flavour of crunchy kibbles and tender cubes of meat in a tasty broth? Then our toppings are just what you need. Because here again the important point is: every ingredient is carefully selected to blend in with the others, and each portion puts the finishing touch to your menu. Why not try combining fresh beef with a turkey topping or one of the many variation options?

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