Our masterpiece of dog nutrition

For an exceptional dog nutrition like BELCANDO® MASTERCRAFT, we need to make many things differently. This is how we achieve a recipe which is as good as homemade.


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Combine your varieties of choice.
Fancy a change?

  • salmon
  • beef
  • duck
  • lamb
  • turkey


based on our responsibility towards the environment and love of man and beast

We want to provide the best possible natural food for dogs, while simultaneously protecting the environment. We are therefore committed to sustainable production methods. The manufacture of BELCANDO® is based on a new production technique that is unique throughout the world. It allows meat meal, which is normally used in dry feed, to be entirely replaced by fresh meat. This is good for the environment, as the energy-intensive production of meat meal, which was previously an essential intermediate step in the production of dry feed, is no longer necessary. This is why the new process has received grants from the Environmental Innovation Programme run by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Reactor Safety.