Meat comes first


Dry and wet dog food – both from the same producer

Only a few pet food companies worldwide are able to produce dry dog food as well as wet dog food at their own production facilities. Traditionally, dried meat meal is used for the production of dry dog food, while wet dog food is made from fresh meat. Therefore the production processes differ a lot from each other.

Learn more about the exclusive Thermal-Mix-Procedure, used for the production of BELCANDO® dog food:
BELCANDO® dog food is a whole lot different
In our production facility in the "Münsterland" in Germany, we produce dry dog food as well as wet dog food only from fresh meat. The benefits of processing fresh meat arise from the direct accessibility of local suppliers. That allows us to select only the best meat qualities to fulfill the high standards of our company's quality controls.

Learn more about the production of BELCANDO® wet dog food:
It pays to compare: BELCANDO® dog food contains the extra portion of fresh meat!