Welcome to BELCANDO
Here at BELCANDO, it is all about the production of the best dog food. To achieve the special taste and excellent tolerance of our dog food, we only use selected ingredients in our recipes. 
This is what we work on every day. 
Since every dog has individual dietary requirements, we developed the right BELCANDO dog food for dogs of any age and size. Don't just take our word for it - see for yourself!
BELCANDO Super Premium Quality

Everything contained in a dog food affects the vitality, health and life expectancy of the dog to whom it is fed. The interactions between nutrition and health are many and varied, and are subject to change over the course of the dog's life. BELCANDO is the result of a holistic approach which preserves your dog's vitality with naturally balanced components. Thus valuable ingredients such as grape seed flour and chia seeds function together as a natural complex. They supply polyphenols which counteract free radicals and omega-3 fatty acids. The dietary fibres BELCANDO contains are perfectly balanced and fulfil prebiotic functions. These are effects that would not be achieved if the individual substances were added to the dog food later.

Brewers’ yeast
Holistic Nutrition
best protein quality
freshly processed
That's how BELCANDO is made

BELCANDO dog food is a whole lot different.

In our production facility in the "MĂĽnsterland" in Germany, we produce dry dog food as well as wet dog food only from fresh meat. The benefits of processing fresh meat arise from the direct accessibility of local suppliers.

That allows us to select only the best meat qualities to fulfill the high standards of our company's quality controls.

Belcando Kroketten

20 % holistic ingredients

80 % fresh Meat


We only use fresh meat to make BELCANDO MASTERCRAFT. It does not contain any pre-dried meat meal that is found in even high-quality dry feed. This has allowed us to achieve a product that was previously thought impossible. Our very gentle Fresh Meat Technology is applied to process the fresh meat directly into a kibble.

This compensates pre-drying stages, and the ingredients used remain fresh until just before processing. This is the only way that the full flavour of the meat can later emerge in the kibble. Owners can switch between flavours at any time without worrying, because the protein and fat content is equal among all varieties.

Belcando Mastercraft